Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 9: Self Assessment - 2 Mar 2011 - (1 Hour)

Learning Objectives:
  • Know what a rubric matrix is
  • To be able to formulate a rubric matrix
  • To be able to assess work based on a rubric matrix
  • To be able to improve the quality of work based on the agreed rubric matrix


A rubric matrix is a set of criteria or statements used to describe the quality of work. An example of a rubrics matrix on product design is shown below.

Criteria / Achievement Level
Not There Yet 
Almost There :|
Good Work! :)
Less than 3 ideas are listed
Many ideas are listed but are similar to one another
Many ideas are listed and most are different from one another
Design of idea uses simple shapes
Design of ideas used shape borrowing but no refinement was evident
Design of ideas used shape borrowing and good refinement was evident
Overall quality
Not much thoughts were put into the final idea
Some improvement of existing product as compared to the final idea
Final idea shows high level of improvement to existing products

We can use such a rubrics matrix to determine how well we have done our assignments or tasks.

Task 1 (Group Work) - 40 Minutes

1. Recall the important points mentioned during sketching lesson and create a rubrics matrix with these 3 criteria:
  • Line work (Hint: Draft Line, Shape Line & Outline)
  • Ideation (Hint: Use of techniques like Shape Borrowing and SCAMPER appropriate?)
  • Overall Quality (Hint: Details of the drawing, quality of the sketching, etc)
2. Share with other groups how you have determine the rubrics matrix
3. Use the rubrics to assess the following sketches from Week 8: Water Bottle individually
  • A Vase
  • A Water Bottle
  • A Tea Cup / Pot
4. Indicate the achievement level by the side of the sketch

Task 2 (Individual Work) - 20 Minutes

1. Using the rubric matrix to guide you, sketch the following objects in Week 8: Water Bottle
  • A Vase
  • A Water Bottle
2. Take a pic of the two objects you have sketched now and post it on your ADMT Personal Blog titled: "Sketching with Rubrics"

3. Write down in the same post how knowing the rubrics matrix has help you improve your sketches.

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