Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 9: Design Appreciation - 2 March 2011 ( 1 Hour)

Lesson Objectives:
  • To know what makes a product well designed
  • To know what makes a product poorly designed
  • Appreciate the importance of good product design

1. Search online and look for 2 examples of well designed product

2. Search online and identify 2 examples of poorly designed product

3. Post the pictures in your ADMT Personal Blog titled: "Design Appreciation" and write down comments of why you felt that the product was well or poorly designed. (Hint: You can based your description on ergonomics, appearance, function, etc)

4. After you have completed, visit at least 3 of your friends' blog and comment on 2 of the designs they have chosen and whether you agreed or disagreed. You should support your stand with good reasons.

  • Remember to quote the source of the pictures you have posted.
  • Comments should be objective and constructive. No name calling or personal attacks.
  • Do not use examples from www.baddesigns.com.

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